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There was a prog about skin ageing tonight, offering various avenues of research/explanation for the ageing process, and how some folk look older or younger for their age. The principle villains for skin ageing appear to be a)the Sun (specifically UBA rays), B) diet (specifically high glucose levels = sugar). Possible counters in diet, can be fruit and veg with high anti-oxident content, such as tomatoe and brocolli; plus oily fish like mackeral. Problem is: to get intended results, would probably require eating them at every meal! :unsure:

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Ahh, Algy, of cats.... Does anybody know of, or known, any cat that is vegetarian? Our Kosset will not eat meat of any description, raw, fried, roasted, stewed, cow, chicken or goat or fish. She will sniff at it and then walk away, leaving the Siamese cats to eat it all. But she loves to eat fruits and vegetables, particularly cucumber. She will come running any times she gets the smell of cucumber. She is crazy about it. :blink:

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There have been the odd ones reported Cleo (although vets and the likes tend not to believe it fully)


It seems cats DO need meat (of some kind) as it is the only way they can gain the vital nutrients they need such as taurine which is an amino acid essential for cats (but not one that other mammals need) and also arachidonic acid which is a fatty acid vital for helping wounds to heal.


A prolonged absence of taurine can cause a cat's retina to slowly degenerate and they can become irreversibly blind.


Of course I had to google that....


Here's hoping your cat preys on birds and mice etc like most do as at least it will be getting a bit of meat that way.


There are apparently some vegetarian cat foods which are available that include synthesised forms of the very nutrients they need from meat.


I suppose I really shouldn't have been laughing as I typed that but Wolfies picture still gets to me :lol::lol:

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Well it doesn't seem to be affecting her at the moment and in fact she is pregnant at the moment, but she still doesn't eat meat. I think maybe she is getting her vitamin and mineral requirements from the dried food we feed them. she seems to like that as much as the siamese do. No idea whats in it. Will have to google it.

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