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Get ready to rock Warrington


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I was driving through Penketh at that time and couldn't get a signal. :unsure: :unsure:



Awww I missed your Rock God slot Gary. You should have told us yesterday :(


As for the signal well I'm struggling a bit too. I get a good one round here (stockton heath) outside my house and also driving around here but I can't pick it up on my mini system inside the house. I can just about hear the music but there's a heck of a lot of loud crackling and over noise which drowns it out. :(


I'm listening to it at the moment on a portable radio instead which I've put near the front room window with the aerial pointing south / south east and that's not too bad but still a bit crackly.


Good enough to hear about Boots though :shock:


Heard and saw Radio Warrington live at the Transport Show this afternoon and very good indeed and really proffessional.


Some great music on there and good to have a real local radio station playing in the car for a change. Shame it's only for a short time but here's hoping it becomes permenant :D

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Well that's ok then..... I appologise and I guess I have no option than to become a faceless twit too. :lol:


...here was little old me thinking this Warrington-Worldwide news and forum was the first and best place to hear about everything that was going on locally :roll::P:lol:

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