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conspiracy in warrington?

Evil Sid

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I think I may have come across a conspiracy to keep people in warrington for longer.


It is a plot by some of the big utility suppliers and the council to keep people in the warrington area so that they spend more money.


What the plot involves is blocking each main highway into or out of warrington with roadworks thereby ensuring that people once in the warrington area cannot easily leave.


London road closed off, work to start on knutsford road, more work to start around palmyra square and museum street.


BE WARNED they are out to get YOU!! :mrgreen:

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a good point well made, however I'm more inclined to believe that it is a mess caused by incompetant planners, incompetant officers, incompetant councillors and incompetant contractors!!


Remember when the bridge on Bewsey Road was closed whilst Network Rail did some works on it? WBC created a diversion and signposted it down Folly Lane, over the bridge in front of the old Dallam sheds and down Winwick Road and back up Froghall Lane....


What happened the following day after they had done all the diversion route signs? They started digging up the road on Folly Lane outside Dallam sheds and put traffic lights on it and put it down to one lane..... chaos ensued until people started to complain and the works were suspended!!

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Evils... are you sure :shock:? :lol:


My conspiracy is that it's also all to do with this 20's plenty lot too who are trying to reduce speeds and/or clear the roads in Warrington completely of cars.


Personally I've found it great round here since London Bridge completely closed though and everyone seems to be managing fine without it.


The roads have been quiet and very peasant and I've not got stuck in one single traffic jam anywhere even on Wilderspool Causeway or Chester Road and they are usually chocker. Everyone's commenting on how much better it is :lol:


I wonder which way everyone is going now as my other half doesn't get stuck going through Latchford and toward Birchwood either.


I believe there are talk underway to keep London Bridge closed permenantly as it also now serves as a police road block :wink:

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Damn..... I knew I should have kept my mouth shut about how good it's been :shock::lol:


Thanks for the update Gary and is the one lane open in both directions (with temp lights of course) or just open to traffic going up from the village?


Note.... before everyone rushes to go up London Road tomorrow parts of the other main roads adjoining London Road in the village centre (and the centre itself) will be closed tomorrow afternoon for a couple of hours as it's Stockton Heath Walking Day.

No precise details as I can't seem to find them anywhere but the road closures usually start about 1.30 ish

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