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Bawming Morris Dancers


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I mean this in the nicest possible way folks, but, having just watched the video, the Morris Dancing troup feature in the Bawming Of The Thorn looks like it could use some young blood, otherwise it may eventually die out. The dancers featured looked like they could be getting on a bit. :blink::unsure::)

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Just reminded me, when we were in the Lake District a couple of years ago there were morris dancers near a pub and they were rather amusing to watch (not saying morris dancers are naff by they way but they were errrm 'funny'.


It didn't help that one one was the spitting image of Cllr Ian Marks . Might try and find that photo tomorrow and upload it :lol:

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Plenty of youngsters but not available for this gig- always happy to take on new blood if you have any to spare?


My blood is too old. I have six sons, and, five grandsons who are late teens/ early twenties. Plus quite a few young nephews of a similar age. I'm sure any one or more of them would be interested but, alas and alack, all live here in Egypt. :lol:

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