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Surely this can't be legal.


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Why are they crazy ? They clearly know what they're doing and it looks like fun. :D


It's not like there's many mountains around here to do it from either but I wondered how they go up there too. Maybe they went over the top :wink:

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Yep, I agree with Dizzy. If cautious people and the health and safety lobby had their way we'd still be awaiting the first climbing of Helsby hill. We owe a great debt to risk-takers.

There is not much space between fool- hardiness and considered risk. Good for the people involved.


Happy days

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Nice one inky, something I could not do as I don't get along with heights :oops::wink:

It's not the height that does you harm Lt, it's gravity and the contact with terra firma (or some other solid matter) that causes the damage. :wink::D :grin:

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Could a parent/relative claim compo after either knowingly allowing or being aware of their 'childs/relatives' to indulge in/or learn such a sport which could, in the end, result in their death from climbing or jumping from 'wherever' just becasue it was somehow accessible to them and their need for an adrenalin rush and excitement.


I wouldn't have thought so ........... but then again some compo lawyer would obviously disagree with the 'obvious' and try to make a case of it :roll::lol:


Have you ever thought of doing a free line abseil without any safety Obs :lol: x

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