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Too fat to fit -


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You surpass yourself with that one observer! :unsure:

Don't be to hasty to judge, none of us now why this youngster got into this sad situation, there are many reasons why people become obese, one major contributor not being greed but by a persons mental state brought about by stress, and I'm sure that we are all aware that stress is relative to the individuals state of mind and manifests itself in many ways. :unsure:

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Apparently, she was the registered carer for both of her parents - and yet only ever got out of bed to use the toilet (about an hour per visit!).


So the taxpayer has been paying for her to perform a role she is obviously not capable of carrying out, has paid for all the takeaways she's put away, and will now be expected to foot the bill to treat her many and complex fat related medical conditions.


And people still complain about medical treatments for tax-paying smokers!!!!!!!!

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