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1. Thelwall.


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Many of these photograph’s may be available

from the Warrington Museum/Library and will

be of far superior quality to those viewed here.

Anyone having any issue with the displaying

of these photographs due to copyright or

ownership infringement please contact me either by PM.

or through the Moderators and I shall

remove them immediately.


Thelwall Road with All saints Church.



1930. Thelwall Hall, situated east of All Saints Drive.



Thelwall lads at the village pump.



Thelwall Post Office.



Thelwall residents by the village Post Office.



Thelwall 'penny' Ferry in the early days, the factory in the distance is the MSC Brick and Tile Works built to provide bricks for building lock walls and bridges.



Thelwall 'Penny' ferry, with the larger 'Winch' Ferry alongside.



Bike and all!.



Winching a horse and loaded cart across the canal.



The Pickering Arms viewed from Ferry Lane.


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Great piccies. Thank you. I didn't know there had been a Thelwall Hall.

Your welcome Peter, there used to be some masonry from the hall strewn around the edge of the field at the side of The Little Manor whether it's still there or not I wouldn't know. Have you heard of 'Highfields' a large house/hall across the field from Weaste Lane Thelwall, it was the home of the Rylands family, some piccies coming up of that place tomorrow.

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Great to see pictures of the "pontoon" as my late father used to call it. He worked for Mr Jackson at Village Farm (where Village Close is now) in Ferry Lane. Land belonging to the farm was cut off when the Ship Canal was built so the Company provided the means of taking horses, carts and cattle over to the "other side" my Dad regularly took horses and carts on the pontoon, he used to tell the tale of one particular day when,for some reason the gate was not secured properly and the wash from a passing boat caused the pontoon to rock violently, so much so that two horses, Beauty and Prince went to the bottom of the canal still harnessed to cart loads of turnips. Dad did his Tarzan act, knife between his teeth, dove down to the horses, cut the traces and freed them. The problem then was the horses could not get out onto the bank, the fire brigade was called from Stockton Heath to assist in the rescue. Unfortunately they couldn't get the horses out and everyone had to stand and watch as they gradually weakened, slipped under the water and drowned. My Mum said that it upset my Dad very much as he had worked with the horses for years.

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Further to Peters query on Thelwall Hall, my parents lived at Station House during the war and sometimes my Dad would take a short cut to the farm through the hall grounds. The Army were stationed there and many's the time Dad would be challenged by the sentry, hiding in the woods "Halt! who goes there, friend or foe" fortunately he knew the password !!!


The last occupant was Rear Admiral Parry, hence the small road off All Saints Drive.....Parry Drive/

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Oooh Joe I wish I hadn't just read that about your dad and the horses :cry:


He was clearly a very brave man for doing what he did to try and save them and it must have been heatbreaking for all concerned.

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What a sad story about the horse Joe. I've seen the photo of the horse on the ferry before and wondered how safe it was. It's great to see Algy's photos and your memories. Despite being from Warrington, I don't know Thelwall or Grappenhall terribly well but have recently discovered my family originally came from the area (and spilled over into Stockton Heath/Latchford/Walton etc as Algy and Dizzy already know!) so I love to hear memories of the area which give some background to the kind of life they lived. Thanks for sharing :D

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Do you have any pictures of the approach to the swing bridge with the anti tank bunkers on the grass triangle just before the gates ? They were there a long time 1939 till 1962

Sorry LL nothing regarding the bunkers, the museum may have something tucked away!. :unsure:

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