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election charges


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If what I hear is true, the esteemed council is about to park the cost of elections on the local parish councils


If this happens then I expect a reduction in wbc charges equal to the potential increses in local charges..


Pity our councillors are not allowed by dictat to respond !!!

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It appears that the council voted against the wishes of the majority of parish councils.


Apparently the wishes of the councils that objected were ignored.


So much for democracy more like fiddling the books.

Watch out for where the costs end up and see how the schemers think they can scam nmore taxes out of the people.

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Do you mean that they are passing the cost of local PARISH elections onto the individual Parish Council for the said area(s) or that they are passing on the cost of all elections (borough and parish) to the parishes of the wards involved ?


Blimey I think I just confused myself there.. I think I still know what I mean but I may just delete it in a few minutes

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I believe they are passing the cost of parish council elections on to the parish for them to add the cost to the parish precept.


Hence I believe the costs saved by the wbc will not be reduced from the wbc rates, but merely lost and spent by the wasteful council.


What really bothers me is that five parish councils wrote to object to the scam, one council agreed and the others apparently did nothing. This is not reflected in the borough council decision.


I am worried by the way the councillors who were both parish and borough councillors apparently voted. It appears that the majority of these councillors did not support their parish council wishes but merely followed the party line.


I may be wrong, but this looks like dirty politics to me.

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Interesting Whal.


How much does a parish council election cost to run and what costs are involved, any idea ?


I guess there is a cost for polling cards to be posted and also possibly costs for polling stations (although most are in community type buildings so that should be free. But then of course there is the cost of the people who man them and count the votes... but what else?


If I remember rightly the costs incurred by the actual candidates are paid for by themselves or their party.


One suggestion of lowering the cost would be to have unpaid volunteers manning the polling stations and at the count rather than in house staff and others who get quite a healthy wad to do it. I seem to remember a highways council employee telling me that he got just over £400 to set up pne specitic polling station, to man it, and then to deliver the voting boxes to the count location last election time. Kerching !!


Seems rediculous to me and I believe volunteering looks good on a CV anyway... or so they keep saying :wink:

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Trouble is dizzy, if they didn't pay people and relied on volunteers, the volunteers may not turn up and then that would be a big problem.... especially if someone were to pay them not to turn up so people in a certain constituency couldn't vote!! :wink:

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Would you volunteer to be volunteer then Baz ? :lol::lol:


I see what you are saying though but it was only a suggestion ... it made sense to me at the time but was clearly a daft one after all :?


Ah well, it kept my mind active and my fingers exercised for a litle while :lol:

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