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1.Old Photos of the Bank Quay Area & Lovely Lane.


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1860's (late)Robinson's Mersey Glasswork's Bank Quay, the barrels may have been landed for Crosfields.



1870 Bank Quay wharf on the River Mersey.



1870's Pottery Wharf, Bank Quay on the River Mersey.



1890,BankQuay, far right would have been Pottery Wharf.



1890's, Green Street, BankQuay.



c1900's, (early), Bank Quay, the first Transporter up and running.



1904. 13th March, Monks Hall Steel works.



1904. The first Crosfields Transporter repaced in 1914.


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Nostalgic these photos. I spent the early part of my life in one of the terraced houses opposite Thewlis St. & adjoining Quay Fold that led to a level crossing which led to Fairclough's flour mill & Crosfield's. A walk along the river brought you to Monks Hall.On the corner of Quay Fold was the Ship Inn. My Dad worked on the transporter bridge for about 20 years.

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Algy photo 6 looks like the concrete jetty has been pulled away from the bank ,do you have any info on that?

Sorry WD no info on the wharf wall, it looks to me as if it originally joined up with the other wall on the other side of the gap, only a guess but it looks as if it was caused by subsidence or landslip. :unsure:

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