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Scrum formation


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I'm starting to think I've dreamt about one of the new rules. I'm sure I read in a newspaper regarding the hurried formation of the scrum in order to stop the clock...The clock is only stopped for as long as the pack is binding, if the players stand up then the clock is to be re-started...Referee Silverwood yesterday appeared not to know the new rule because he allowed the clock to be stopped even when the Hull KR players stood up, either he doesn't know or I've dreamed this new rule. Routine win yesterday but a flat first 20 minutes of the second half deprived us of another big win.

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It's funny now that we are disappointed if we don't win matches by massive margins. Hull KR are a decent side and have shown that this year already, and we need to give them credit for holding us for most of the match until we managed to break free in the last 10 mins - by then I think it's fair to say that the Hull players were out on their feet.


As for the rule, sorry can't help.......

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Well Wirewire they were no pushover were they? As for the rule...it completely puzzles me why the clock stops when a scrum is formed near the end of a game...is there a trigger time for this to happen because doesn't the clock normally carry on when a scrum forms in general play ?

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