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harry hayes

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Enfield? council are having a purge on spitting in public spaces. This will not apparently apply to football teams.


Spitting by football players seems to me to be a modern thing - don't recollect Bobby Charlton doing it. I didn't when I played - wasn't anything like as good as most modern players, but I got just as exhausted . I noticed one very famous player spitting as the players came out - and holding the hand of a little one at the same time.,


On a slightly different theme - has anyone ever seen a footballer carrying a hanky?


Happy days


And just how many holes are there in a football net.

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And just how many holes are there in a football net.


best average answer is around 3,427 but it does depend on the particular grounds keeper as there are no regulations for them.


has anyone ever seen a footballer carrying a hanky?


Only when posing for publicity pictures,speaking to the press or appearing in court :wink:

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Spitting is disgusting and should be banned Harry.


Re: the footy well sadly my other half always seem to matches on the tv and it really turns my stomach everytime I see the players spitting (either through their mouths or their noses) and it seems the norm. :evil:


I've noticed it in a few rugby matches too although not as much as in footy thankfully but I'd walk off any pitch if I thought I was going to have to slide, head a ball, takcle or touch a player, be tackled by another, or even be in in contact with any of those things if they had been in contact with someone elses 'snot' and 'gob' (sorry) :oops:


Surely there must be some health implications in having to be subjected to that.:evil:


I even saw one of the players do it in the tennis final the other week.


There is just no need for it and it's disgusting but I guess it would be hard for them to pull a tissue out of their shorts but they could try or maybe just swallow it. <oooh.. suddenly feeling queezy there>


People who do it on the street have no excuse whatsoever and should be tasered in their tender parts....simples

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