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Manchester Airport Enterprise Zone.


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Thanks :oops:


Isn't it better to turn land into business parks and to create job opportunities rather than just sell it off and allow more of the endless stream of ugly, crammed in, cramped, cheap tat box houses and appartments like Warrington seems to getting everywhere.


I doubt they could build houses that close to the airport though eh so the alternative would be ???


I think I am getting what you mean though. Did Manchester CC object to Warrington's Omega development ?

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The intent is to entice overseas Companies to set up around the Airport. However, the tendency of private enterprise is to gravitate to economic hubs; be it the S/E of England or the Brussels triangle. The question is imo, will these be 20,000 "new" jobs or 20,000 jobs displaced from elsewhere in the N/West; and indeed, will it actually amount to 20,000 jobs anyway? :unsure:

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