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Car Door Lock or Repair... help please


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You lot know everything....


SO... does anyone know of a place locally that can actually repair a broken car door lock barrel or anywhere where I can just buy a single lock from ?


My drivers door lock decided to 'break' on new years eve and I can't lock my car even from inside.


Unlike most makes it seems Honda insist that a whole new set of locks has to be bought for just over £200 (parts only) and I only need one damn lock. :evil:


My trusted source and adviser is currently unavailable so I'm relying on you all :D:(

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If you can't even lock it from the inside then it's not likely to be the lock barrel that's faulty, more likely to be another part of the mechanism - maybe the rods which connect the lock barrel to the actual door latch. May be as simple as one of the rods having become disconnected.


It's going to be a case of taking the inside door panel off and having a look first - but even if it needs parts, if you can find a similar car in a scrap yard then it should be possible get it working and retain the existing lock barrel and key.

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Dizzy, give me a call and fetch it round here and we'll get it working.... most car locking systems have not changed much in 40 years and as pete says most still work on rods and catches and this has most likely come adrift somewhere....

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