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Argie bargie!


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May I suggest Obs you do some reading on the South Pole,

The Uk has a claim on part of the South Pole, The claim is justified because of the Falkland Islands, All of the countries with a claim own land near by :wink:


Don't tell me you believed Maggies propaganda, the war was always about oil and mineral reserves on and around the South Pole :wink:

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The tory government didn't lie.... we went to war because a bunch of jumped up Argies sanctioned an invasion of OUR territory to boost their flagging popularity back home.


We went to war to kick them out and thankfully were succesful. To hand back the Falklands now would be an act of treason and a smack in the face for those British servicemen who died out there or; like Simon Weston, were horribly scarred and injured

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Baz we went to war for the same reason the Argies invaded, for the mineral wealth that Is under Antartic, nothing to do with the population, we could have moved every single person in the Falklands over here, given them a million and a half pound each and saved money. The Uk was looking to the future,you can not mine on the Antarctic at the moment but that will change as minerals start to run out.

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