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A sailor's life for me


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Are you just being an over imaginative man there Asp (like a fisherman) or were you really bobbing about in the sea in a near hurricaine :unsure::lol:


Only kidding as I know you rarely fib and I can't think of anything worse that being at sea in high winds. SCAREY !!!! Please don't upload any pics or videos as I'll freak :oops:


High winds forcast for tomorrow round here so stay put as long as you can.... hic :wink:

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We had 65 knot winds yesterday which reduced our speed to 2 knots from the usual 10, and it was a tad uncomfortable! Its not weather we get all the time but quite common in this part of the UK. :blink: :blink: :blink: Can't say I'm looking forward to the flight to Glasgow in tne morning, I've a feeling it may be a bit bouncy too :( :sad:

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Enjoy your drinking time shore leave, fella, and get home safe.


Here's to you:



"Ditto" Asp, I must say the photo of you has an uncanny resemblance to Gregory Peck, By the way unlike Dizzy I would love to see a video or photo of those conditions but somehow think you may have been a tad to busy to be taking them! :wink:

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The funny thing is, you phone up the Harbour Master,Cargo Terminal, Agent etc etc to tell them you're going to be late and they all say "I know, I've been watching you struggling on the AIS" :D :grin: :D

Use it quite a lot Asp to watch what's coming in and out of Liverpool & Birkenhead docks.


This one is an interesting tracker, if you monitor Spain & Portugal shipping and zoom in on the Straights of Gibralter it's amazing whats going in and out of the Med. Can be used for tracking flights in the area as well.


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