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Are Windfarms Slowing the Planet Down!


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This was a genuine topic posted on a Forum in the good old USofA called Godlike Productions, posted by a member from Eire.




Sky News here in Europe is reporting that there is now irrefutable evidence that turbines posted all over the planet are actually slowing the rotation of the earth and have slowed our rotation to such an extent that we are doomed.




Behold the product of government schools....


I find it absolutely mind-boggling that a real live breathing human being can arrive at the age where it is old enough to type, and almost be able to spell, at least to the point that you can understand what it is saying when you read it, and still think this is even possible.


Right now, everyone get up and go outside. Face east and blow as hard as you can and watch the sun come back up.


This is his Avatar -hmlbfmna.gif


There's hope for our Forum yet!!!

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I reckon that doesn’t matter because if the polar icecaps melt, the redistributed mass, rather like a spinning ice skater putting out his arms, will slow the world down anyway.


In any case, the days aren’t long enough for me so that’ll go some way to fixing my problem and as a bonus, I get more time in bed as well! :shock:



Bill :)

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Thanks Algy,


I've been away for a few days and that was a really welcome treat to return to. It just goes to show that "they" are alive and walking among us on a daily basis.


By the way, Bill, I was once advised that the reason for naming Richmond Irish Recipe sausages was because there is so little meat in them that they could not refer to them as pork sausages under the trade descriptions legislation. I have no idea if that is true but it does make you wonder.

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