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Political Computer?


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With the placement of unelected technocrats in the Government of Greece and Italy; to do what is logically required to sort out their economic plight, rather than appease the material desires of the electorate: is it time to look for a more efficient form of governance? EG. a super computer, programmed by economists and other "experts", based on the wellbeing of the whole, and fed by the aspirations of the people. The bonus of course, is that it would make politicians redundant! :unsure:

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On related news, the government supposedly put up an application online which serves as a test for those who are into computer security to give it their best shot and crack the password to gain entry to an online application site to work as a security expert for one of the firms here. I find it ironic that people have cracked it in just a few hours or even minutes and even shared the answer online.

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