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Body Shop Repairs?


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Ooops have you had a bump :unsure:


Go to the one which has the orange and black advert on the right of the news page. Click the advert for their rather good website and for contact details and more info :wink:


You can see my battered car on there too as it was being repaired.

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I can recommend Blackleys at the back of Bank park. He has done a few jobs for me including resprays on two Corsairs!!


The orange one is good too Dizzy.... Mike used to do our vans when the neanderthals we employed drove into things.....on a very regular basis!

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I'm sure Fatshaft found that very helpful PJ :roll::lol:

You could at least have asked if he was OK :P

Not me Dizz, but thanks.


My daughter actually, she was very shaken up by it a couple of weeks ago. The 'offender' left the scene, but the police got it sorted, and she (or her insurance) is now paying for the repairs. Of course that doesn't mean they should be done to anything but the highest level, so need a couple of quotes from the best Warrington has to offer.

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Glad to hear your daughter is ok other than being obviously shaken by her ordeal :wink:


If the police 'got it sorted' shouldn't the other persons insurance be paying though rather than your daughter's insurance ?

Sorry, my bad, yes, it's the other party who is paying. Just bad english above made it seem otherwise :oops:

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Hi Fatshaft,


I had the misfortune of being rear ended about twelve months ago. My insurers arranged everything for me. They had a body shop from Middlewich call at my place of work and collect my car, they had a little Merecedes C250 CGI delivered at the same time for me to run around in while repairs were being carried out to my car. After a week or so my car was delivered back to me in pristine condition and looking as good as new, the hire car was collected and that was that.


In September my insurance renewal came and my premium was lower than last year so I was quite happy with the end result.


I would suggest your Daughter should hand everything over to her insurers and let them get on with it. It is their job and that is what you pay them to do on your behalf.


I would also suggest to everyone, if you are ever involved an a none injury related road traffic accident - Say nothing, get out of your vehicle, take out your 'phone or camera and take photographs from every possible angle. Take the relevant contact and insurance details from the other party. Do not ever engage in any form of verbal exchange. If the other party remonstrates any kind of fault against you call the Police to attend. Just say nothing, take lots of photo's and continue on your journey. From this point hand everything over to your insurer, they will work on your behalf and actually do what they are paid for.

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