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School History lessons?


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I doubt that this is actually true, I wouldn't trust people my age/in the age bracket you said in a survey. If it was done in school, the chances are they would put the funny one as a laugh. We did a survey yesterday in PSHE, on the computer. From what I heard, the majority of my form are Pregnant Transgenders in the 90+ category. Don't the survey people have any common sense?


Do you guys honestly think we don't know who the Tudors are and think that we think that the Battle of Britain is a TV show? We all know the Battle of Britain is United v Rangers, and the Tudors are actually the TV show. :roll:

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Cocozza (or what ever his name was) was the 18 year old jumped up, drunk/drugged up, party going, girlie loving idiot with the stupid hair on xfactor who couldn't even sing but thought he was gods gift to the girls/women (many of whos names had were tattooed on his bum cheeks)..... along with everything else.


He's also the face that has been cut out of the M&S xmas advert due to his antics although his toneless out of tune voice is still apparent.


Not that any of it was probably contrived for viewing figures and the press of course but had he been my son I'd be pretty damn embarrassed all round that's for sure.


Well you did ask Peter and I've only watched it a handful of times but I'm sure Obs can tell you more :wink::lol:

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