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Vigilantes ?


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Seems like a good solution to me!


I wonder if the Lib Dems will adopt it as part of their manifesto. Or maybe they will adapt it slightly so that they can go out and hug a few offenders!!


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I can certainly see it happening, I know it is being done in other parts of the county. Not sure if it is with the blessing or blind eye of the police. With loosing 100 officers here in Cheshire due to government cuts you will see less somewhere?

In certain parts of N.I. the IRA street patrols had more effect than the police. anyone caught doing things against their rules and you were knee kapped. In my old part of east london there are local patrols carried out by the asian community, they work very well, so my sister says, yes they will give kids a telling off and even a belt but no real violence. They walk around in a group of about 6 ~ 8, they dont talk to the police about whats going on, they just deal with it.

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Hmmm... vigilantes are okay, but lynch mobs are presumably not? What's the fundamental difference between the two?


The former are associated with "rough justice", but what if YOU are on the receiving end? What if you didn't think that you did anything wrong, but a vigilante who is "making a stand" takes offence at whatever you did, turns up at your door and subjects you to some GBH just to "teach you a lesson". Would you still be all for it then, or would you run to the Police and demand a response?


If anyone should be doling out rough justice in the form of a belt around the ear 'ole it should be the Police, no-one else.


Just my tuppence worth

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And very good value for money it is as well McB.


There have been cases recently of vigilanty action against people who were wrongly identified....one of them was a person wrongly accused of being a paedophile.


No need for "vigilantes" there are plenty of police it is just that they are bogged down with paperwork, reaching targets etc. get that sorted and they can be put back onto street patrols.

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