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Orders are orders?


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The famously used defence by Nazis at the Nurembourg trials was " I was only obeying orders", but it proved insufficient to prevent them being hanged. Now the latest revelations about the UKBA, aside from the arguements about under funding and under manning; where staff were instructed to relax their scrutiny of folk entering the UK, poses a question - should you do your job as per the book and ignore improper orders from your senior managers OR should you just do what you are told? :unsure:

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Perhaps in the extenuating circumstances such as those that the Border Control employees were being asked to carry out their duties and knowing that they were blatantly breaching serious regulations, they would have been morally correct in leaking details to the press while still retaining there anonymity.

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As Algy says they carried out their duties knowing that they were blatantly breaching serious regulations.

The effect of this being that it is possible, in fact very likely, that terrorists have entered the country. I don't think there can be any excuse for them having stood back and let this happen.

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