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Pushing the limit I think!


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This one is pushing the limit as it is quite a way out of town and not strictly speaking Warrington, anyway if you feel inclined have ago!, this will be the last one as I'm getting very low on photos that are suitable for a quiz, I will have a search around and see what I can sort out from the files that I have remaining.

Good Luck!

It's fairly obvious what it is but where is it.


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It's still there Dizzy. They sell and repair lawn mowers now and are very helpful. Called Dutton's. The school is just past there and is now a Primary School. It is on the old road. Turn left after the lights as if you were heading for Daresbury Church, straight past the pub and continue up the road. Mind the speed ramps, they are a tad tasty.

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I bet that photo brings back some memories for you Algy. Where abouts in Daresbury is it or is it another which is now long gone ?

it is exactly where Peter says, and it hasn't really changed that much externally in 50 years although the inside is totally different, when I worked there the old Chester road going through the village was the main road as the by-pass had not been built, In 1956 when the Suez Crisis was on huge tank transporters loaded with Centurion tanks used to pass through the village on their way to Birkenhead docks and many's the time they would dislodge the sandstone blocks from the dirt bank in front of the smithy and we lads had to struggle to replace them, not an easy job as there were no such thing as putting cones out and traffic was very reluctant to stop and if you did manage to stop them you would be hooted and verbally abused by drivers.

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