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  1. My dad took me to Burtonwood on the day the Vulcans left for the last time seem to remember three or four of them taking off one after the other very noisy and loads of black smoke from the engines.
  2. Getting the ground prepared for next years floral display.
  3. Hope he reads it,he may then get it through his thick head how annoyed we all are about his crass actions.
  4. More fencing and ground works going on around the perimeter of the land,any guesses as what he may be up to now.
  5. Owners of public houses can change the names at any time,without too much formality,maybe the directors sat in a meeting and thought the addition of famous would boost trade.
  6. PCSO'S were employed originaly as an intrface between police and public dealing with minor incidents I think that it is taking it a bit too far asking them now to operate the speed cameras,the information gathered on these devices is downloaded and speeding tickets are dispached to the registered keepers.
  7. Yes Dizzy they have put the new old light fittings on top of the new lamp posts and put some naff fittings on the posts to make them look like the old ones,why on earth they couldn't put the new light fittings on top of the old posts.Somebody on the council payroll making these decisions,priceless!
  8. Yes John I agree with you on that point of view,I was referring to the lamp posts in Grappenhall village.
  9. Algy it just another demonstration of how Warrington borough council can waste our council tax,I wonder what happened to the old lamp posts,probably given to a scrap dealer who then went on to sell them for loads of money. Maybe me being a bit cynical,but I would like to know where they ended up.
  10. t has taken over from Coastal Deniz transporting containers from liverpool to Irlam the new ship carries alot more containers so fewer trips.I think the containers are Tesco's.
  11. yes Dizzy Evil is correct it travelled through Warrington at 5am this morning,did it wake you? probably it was quieter as it was going downhill towards Liverpool lol.
  12. It would appear that Peel holdings have replaced Coastal Deniz with Thea 11 a larger vessel doing 2 trips a week rather than coastal doing up to 4 trips,the only problem today when Thea 11 travelled up the canal today Stockton heath swing bridge got stuck again. Nothing changes much with Peel holdings,solve one problem and create another.
  13. The fire service have just arrived and are about to launch their rescue boat into the canal not sure what has happened yet
  14. Hope its a big tin Dizzy,at least both the bridge and the ship are owned by Peel,might do something about it now,but not holding my breath on that one.
  15. Coastal Deniz has just reversed back to Latchford locks,it appears as if they could not swing Knutsford road bridge,they need to update these bridges now.
  16. The builders found a massive bog oak when they were digging out along that rough stretch took them ages to get it out,even with all the heavy equipment they had at their disposal.
  17. Algy maybe she is hanging around the locks in order to stowaway on a ship heading for somewhwere warm and interesting.
  18. It passed through the locks this afternoon at 2.30pm heading back to Liverpool.
  19. Dizzy the barge has a deep hold I stood right next to it when it was in the locks and I could not see in the hold even when the barge was at the lower level,so would assume that the load it would have been carrying was not very large by volume but probably quite heavy.
  20. It has been up and down the canal several times over the last couple of weeks,it is transporting heavy plant used in the construction of an energy plant near Irlam locks.
  21. I t would appear that someone has used the advertising space to lodge their own objections to the tyre wall,words to the effect that someone must be extracting the urine. Maybe Warrington planning dept has expressed their displeasure.
  22. Thanks Dizzy for deleting the extra posts,just been past didn't see any building work going on. Going back to the fire risk,if we get a hot summer and the grass around this monstrosity catches fire,doesn't bear thinking about.
  23. In the early 70's we used to undertake agricultural contracting,I can remember baling hay in that hole.....it was quite dry then.
  24. Oops sorry about that 3 posts not in a habit of repeating myself normally
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