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Indy and National Geographic join forces !!!!


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:D Well kept it quiet for a while :mrgreen:

Iv'e just joined forces with 'National Geographic' who have decided that they would like to use my new website to promote their latest TV programme about the Anglo Saxon Gold Treasure found in Staffordshire. In a request to me direct from Washington DC, The programme entitled 'Lost Gold of the Dark Ages' tells the story of this great discovery. The official programme trailer is now available on my new Website http://detectorcommunity.ning.com


I will be working and featuring other stories with National Geographic in the future. :shock:post-20-0-92184200-1319148405_thumb.jpg

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Great website Indy and it's a credit to all your hard work as usual.


As ning have selected yours as a flagship site for their new launch/ advertising I hope they are now giving you your hosting package for free :wink:


Impressive stuff and keep up the good work and of course your excellent filming :D


No wonder Gary chains you to a desk as he's probably worried that someone will take you. Ask for a pay rise quick :lol::wink:

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Many thanks for all the comments regarding my new site !!! Its just undergone an upgrade and more new features today, feel free to check it out www.detectorcommunity.ning.com


Now also branded with new association with National Geographic... click on their banner, some great stuff available :P

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