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Tell us all about this area of Warrington!.


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Warrington Walking day 1894.



Q1.Identify the street that the Walking day procession is on.


Q2.Name the building on the right and the purpose of the positioning of the steps.


Q3.What is the name of the building at the top of the street with the apex roof and what street is it standing on.


Q4.What is the name of the building immediately to the left of that building (behind the Union flags).


Q5.Name the young man in the white flat cap - only joking. :wink:



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The street could possibly be wilson patten street or palmyara square? with the old bridewell come magistrates court?

The building behind the union flags could be parr hall? :|

The building is indeed the Bridewell, nothing else is correct Cleo, any idea why the steps were built in that manner?.

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The steps were because the door was locked and they couldnt find the key so they had to climb in and out of the window till the locksmith arrived to fix the lock and open the door but he could not come till the next day because he was taking part in the procession. :lol:

No idea have you, I think I shall leave the answer to see if any one else knows it :wink:

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