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Originally posted by observer:

- an annual pilgrimage for dog lovers or just a money making racket? :(

a) It's a racket, and B) I was listening to something on Five Live (I think it was) by chance the other morning, where one of the exhibitors said that you couldn;t win anything for the first 20 years until you'd "served your time", it's all just a massive clique. Can't say I'm at all surprised.
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I actually enjoyed what I saw of it. Obedience and agility were the best.. 'flyball' was fun too.


Was suprised though that the winner only gets ?100 plus a replica of the winners trophy. Saying that I'm sure the price of their dogs pups will now have a much higher price tag :roll:

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being the proud owner of two show dogs[who we dont show]I have to say having been to some dog shows the owners spend full weekends surrounded by other dogs in cages people knitting and basically camping out.I dont think its fair to put dogs in the show cages for so long our ridgeback is 50kilos and youd have to have one hell of a big cage to comfortably house her in.I like seeing dogs at their splender but its abit like the beauty world of models they are shoved here and there....i say take thenm home treat them like a family member and let them be hugged and loved by their owners..not admired from a cage .....they are like prisoners for the duration. :x

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There are good points and bad about crufts, the good outweigh the bad in my eyes and gives people who would not normally go to dog shows the insight into how dogs can behave when they are socialised.

My dog used to enter fun shows and its a great day out for the owner and the dog.

Many dogs live miserable exsistenses because their owners keep them away from other dogs and people and they are really sociable creatures.

I think that anyone who gets a dog should be made to attend classes. (you would not expect to buy a car and drive it from the showroom with no lessons)

Many of these sad accidents where children are bitten are made by dogs who have been kept away from other dogs and people because their owners have not got a flaming clue about how to look after them.

Oh dear im up on my high horse again.

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I couldn't agree more I have 2 Miniature Schnauzers who have both benefitted from classes and now shows, it should be part of an owners responsibility to attain a handling certificate for the dogs that way the serious incidents with dog bites and even death would be greatly reduced.



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We used to have a Lhasa Apso (another small breed of dog). He came from a long line of winners but although we could have bred from him and entered him into shows we didn't.


Although a small breed the Lhasa's were bred as hunting and guard dogs and originated Tibet where they used to guard the monasteries.


Great dogs, loving, fun, loyal, protective and cute all in one :loveyou:

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