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Hope you are safe.


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Cheers Algy, thanks but we are about 400 miles away from Cairo. It's so nice and almost peacful here (traffic and kids being the source of most of the noise).

When the revolution first began we had been in our Cairo apartment for just over two months. We couldn't see anything but we could hear the chanting and gunfire. Then the word went out that they were going to march down our road to Mubarak's palace. The caretaker brought up a key to the iron gate at the enrance door in case we went out because the gate was being locked to prevent any of the marchers getting in. Shops and stalls began to close and move all their goods etc., inside for protection.

After a few worried phone calls from the family watching the unfolding situation on tv here we decided to return the next day. Lucky we did, the station was packed with people getting out of Cairo and we learned that trains in and out of Cairo were being suspended from 6pm that evening.

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