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Housing the locals -


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And you recon the youngsters you refer to will be able to afford these so called 'social/affordable' homes in Lymm do you Obs ?


From what the news page says they are hoping to build 10 of them and they are FOUR bedroom. That family accomodation not young person 'starting out' accomodation :twisted:

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"Affordable" is not the same as "social", obs. It's a sop by the developers to sell the idea to the planners.


Did you read the bit in the article about the fence that was erected (did they need/get plannng permission for that?) and the related comment underneath? Like Diz says, I can't see 4 bed properties ever being classed as affordable to first timers.

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...the priciple is, that cheap rented accomodation is needed, IF local communities are to be sustained


I agree, but that isn't what's being proposed here.


OK - so IF they had been starter homes for local youngsters - would the neighbours have welcomed the development?


Who knows? But when you're down to ifs and maybes, you're starting to sound a bit desperate.


Top marks for not yet using the term "nimby" though.


Wouldn't have had you down as a staunch supporter of WBC's planning department: life's full of surprises, isn't it?

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Of course they should Obs and I agree with you there. Thanks to the main problem of developer greed and of course a lack of jobs or lower paid jobs that just doesn't, and can't, work anymore.


Where land is available for new housing you well know that the developers will offer a token proportion of 'affordable' home on the site as part of their 106 agreements to push it though... but they are not affordable.


What they mean is they will give over a few 'units' to house those on benefits etc... but the vast majority of homes will still not be 'affordable' to those who want them.


Check out righmove as if you were a young person or a couple on a average wage and see if you could afford one or the mortgage and other costs etc, I couldn't that's for sure.


If these blummin' greedy developers continue to buy or obtain land and gain approval on the pretence that they are doing the local community a favour and unless the local councils open their eyes and realise that people do need REAL affordable homes and they are not getting them... before we know it there will be nowhere left to build the types of homes that you are on about or what people really need.

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But seeing as everyone is minted in Lymm, couldn't mummy and daddy just pay for little johnnies first house?? :D


What an arrogant generalisation! There are rich and poor in Lymm, the same as everywhere and probably the same number of people badly affected by the recession as elsewhere. I personally know people from Lymm who are struggling to pay their bills, in low paid jobs and having to sell their houses to make ends meet. Certainly not 'minted' as you crudely put it.

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Well reacting in such a pompous way doesn't read too well either if you ask me.... and as for there being rich and poor people everywhere; I don't recall seeing many rich people in Bewsey or Dallam; but maybe that is just me!

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