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Pet Hates!


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Tin Helmets available in the foyer at reasonable prices. :mrgreen:



The answer is that women do all the work in the house as well as hold down a job and look after the kids and are so tired doing all this they need a place where they can get a bit of rest between doing everything else. So a slow wander round the shops leaning on the trolley is the nearest thing they can get to resting.(it also explains why women spend so long shopping, they need the rest)



My pet hate is the people who stand talking in the narrowest aisle with the trolleys length ways across the aisle making it impossible to get past without doing one of them a mischief or getting the glowering look for disturbing their conversation.

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My pet hate - Opening a shop door to leave and a few people instantly enter before I have chance to exit. So there I am stood holding the door open and they all troop in one after the other and not a "thank you" from any one of them.

So when I utter the words "your welcome" I get a look from the last person in like he/she thinks there is something wrong with me in my head.

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