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What can you trust?


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Thanks SL :D


I must admit that whenever I used to take any sort of tablet eg paracetamol, cold relief or even prescription ones I never actually bothered reading the text on the blister packs. I suppose if they had the word Viagra or something obvious on them I would have noticed but not a word I had never heard of. If I had noticed I would have just presumed it was an alternative name as most medicines have more than one name.


I'd just like to add that we don't have Viagra in our medicine cabinet by the way although maybe I could put some in the paracetamol box and see what happens :lol:

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I don't get many normal headaches as such since I was told NOT to take any paracetamol or other medicines. How weird am I as the things that are supposed to relieve headaches etc apparently actually give me them :blink:


Trust me to be one of the awkward brigade :lol:

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