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Premier League 2011-12


Champions 2011-12  

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  1. 1. Who will be Premier League winners

    • Man City
    • Liverpool
    • Chelsea
    • Arsenal
    • Man United
    • Spurs
    • Other

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Watched all United's games on the US tour - impressive. Thoughts: US teams are now at least Championship level. Nani is now at least a 50 million Pound player. De Gea is not United's best keeper.

After watching the Charity Shield: United's performance must have worried all of the contenders. Quite right, City are just a bunch of dollar bills and it shows. They have the talent to be a top club, but as Chelsea have proved, it's not only the money - what is it, 7 managers?. They have very little spirit and I believe that Balotelli is a catalyst for unrest. Also, you cannot become great if you have a manager who at 2-2, brings on a slow defensive mid-fielder, Barry, in place of a goal scorer, even one I don't like.

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Hi Stallard.


And, heh.


WWW doesn't really do footie banter very well, but threads like these are usually about helping your team to get as far up the table as they can, and making your closest rivals sink like a stone.


Using poster magic.


Don't take any advice off Gary in how to use this to your best advantage, btw, he's rubbish at it.

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Even though City were played off the park by United at the weekend I still think they have a great chance.


It looks as though Nasri will shortly be joining them, and even though they play as individuals rather than a team, with the amount of talent they have available they should definitely be top 4.


I would have said 4th place would be between Arsenal and Poo but with Arsenal losing Fabregas and Nasri, then Poo must be favourites for 4th. :angry:

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Ah, now I understand, I think. Poo? In watching the wonderful world of the Premiership, one tends to lose sight of the fact that it could really be a six team league as far as a Champion is concerned. Only four of those six have a realistic chance and it's almost impossible to say in which order. A bad ref decision could decide between them all. The rest of the clubs, are there purely to make up the excitement of the relegation battle. It didn't used to be that way until money raised its ugly head.

Oh, I forgot the intent, in that case: United are going to win and Chelsea (Poo ?)will finish fourth!

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Now I see, by guessing Chelsea, I let my personal feelings show, all though it's still a close thing. It's funny how simple things turn a person off a team to the point where it overides their ability. For me it goes like this, dislike reason : Arsenal - Arsen Wenger, Chelsea - John Terry, Liverpool - Carriger, Gerrard.

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