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the building near t j hughes

ex padgate girl

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I always Thought it would make some cool town centre apartments, especially if you could put a room in the water tower.


But turning good old buildings in to 'loft' style apartments doesn't seam to have caught on in Warrington, unlike in Manchester. Why the Cheshire Lines building hasn't had this done to it also is beyond me.

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I believe the Cheshire Lines building is about to start being worked on...


I may be ill-informed, but I heard that that is being converted and a few new blocks were being added behind it...?


There seems to be a move towards these kinds of renovations lately (eg - the trinity green - kept a few of the facades - I know doesn't entirely count, but...) which is good - is never good to have deralict buildings around! Just hope that they are 'affordable' as the inflated prices you need to pay for a boxy one bed flat in Warrington are completely mad!!!

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Unfortunately; I don't think you'll find any of these private developments are affordable to first time buyers; niether are the rented properties; bearing in mind, that young couples may wish to rent while they save for a deposit on a mortgage. The answer is; cheap rented accomodation provided by the Council or Housing Associations; but the Government are in denial. :wink:8)

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The council should look at making these kind of ideas a requirement before they give the planning permission to the developers - lets face it I'm sure it wouldn't eat into their proffits too much, and the council could ease the pressure they have on their already massively oversubscribed council housing!!!


First-time buyers in Warrington have a huge mountain to climb - I am one half of a double income young couple, earning (what seems like) plenty of money on paper - but had we not been lucky enough to grab our way onto the ladder 18 months ago we would not be able to afford a house now!!! Neither of us would have any chance if we were looking to buy individually!!!


Maybe the council/govenment will be more inclined to do something when the majority of them have 20 & 30 something sons and daughters still living with them?!?! It a very likely scenario at the moment!!!

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