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Out in the garden -clicking!.


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Fed up with the weather and not able to have a decent photo oportunity so I went out and rattled a few shots off in poor light then decided to process and add effects for a bit of amusement, here's the results -


















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Some garden. Excellent. Now, perhaps a very silly question as I have never owned a camera. I assume you all use "proper" cameras rather than the mobile phone ones. (my wife got a super mobile with camera camera for her 80th. It takes excellent pictures. (I'm afraid i still say "God save the king")


Happy days

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Hello Harry, thanks for your comment and yes the photos were taken with a 'proper' camera albeit a digital one, although some of the purists would probably contest that statement as there are still good photographers out there that swear by the mechanical shutter cameras. The benefits of digital cameras is that most are literally 'point and shoot' and if I can take reasonable photos anyone can, regarding the added effects again achieved by using photo editing software on the computer and as simple or difficult as you wish to make it.

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Great pics Algy and you must have a lovely and colourful garden.


Have to agree with Peter though number 4 is a bit scarey. It looks like it should have teeth and is about to attack. It reminds me of those seabrook crinkle crips too. :wink:


I love the pink one with the rain/water drops.. that's my favourite :D

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