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Jan Leeming (hmmmm).


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After my disapointing e-mail which I got back from Screwfix, stating that they were not a dating agency, I had all but given up hope.


Then tonight, I watched Celebrity Come Dine With Me. It was one of the funniest episodes both from the comentater and one of the contestants "Dave Sphynx" is his name? Dave and Jan Leeming were talking about both coming from large families. It was all quite serious, when Dave chirped in with; It's a good job I was born a boy, or I wouldn't have had anything to play with. Drinks were spat over the table and the ice was well and truly broken.


Then the attention turned to Jan Leeming who is still a corking looking wench. Jan said that she had posed nude for a newspaper or summat. Dave said he might google it sometime, Jan Leeming nude hmmm.


Me ears pricked up like a bull elephant in full musk, when I heard Dave say he might google it. But I've got news for you Davy boy, I've just beaten you to it.


At the tender age of 67, she in't half bad either.

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