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  1. yes the bishsop Auckland cup game is now on sunday 18th aug so town away on sat 17th aug
  2. the first game away to darlington mite be moved yet bishsop Auckland who darlington play at bishop Auckland gorund have a home game in the fa cup on that day 17th aug
  3. town at home in fa cup v stockport sports or winsford utd in the trophy town at home to ramsbottom utd
  4. may 24th is the closing date it says on towns website
  5. well said peter it was alfull today it was like an end of season game but theres 4 games to go thay just dint turn up today or cudnt be bothered to play
  6. the fans at the game was calling for the manager to be sack & i dont know what game you was watching neesk but it wasnt the same the rest of us fan was watcing
  7. town was just hopeless today town need to buck up there ideas fast some fans was calling for shuan reid to be sacked
  8. but as peter says it allways the same ones who book then pull out on the last minute if thay not shore if thay are going then dont book in the first palce thanks for the club for puting on free coach
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