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Forum members everywhere!!


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Kept bumping into forum members everywhere I went today!

Baz and Kevofaz at the Classic Transport Show and Dizzy and Victor at Stockton Heath Walking Day to name but a few!

I wonder how many I will bump into at DAD tomorrow! :unsure:

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Just to correct you slightly there... you didn't actually bump into me as we posters have the upper hand cos we know who you are but you don't (or didn't in my case) know who we are.


You had no idea who I was at first when I said 'Hello Gary' with a grin and very polite of you to say 'Hello' back I must add :D


I was actually going to say nothing and just take a photo of you stood there all alone with your posh camera and upload it on here to freak you out a bit but my nicer side said 'go on speak to him and finaly say hello after all these years '


You are very nice in real life and not half as daft as you looked on your classic car video :lol::oops::lol:


Nice meeting you finally Gary... but that doesn't mean we are now 'friends' :P


PS be careful at DAD tomorrow as I know of another forum poster who is going :blink:

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I'm thinking of resigning...............Gary said that he recognised me from avatar

He may have a point Victor:-


An avatar is the graphical representation of the user or the user's alter ego.

Doesn't say a lot for me though as mine is a foaming pint of bitter. :wink:

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