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Some unusual 'visitors' to Stockton Heath


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Well not many of them out due to the weather I suppose and my camera battery ran out..... but here are a few of Stockton Heath's new parish councillors :lol:


















There are many more dotted around the village too and some are rather funny :lol:

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Great shots DIZZY - Mrs G thought lady gaga was a real person but she didn't have her glasses on.


I'd sent off my entry for the art competition again this year.


On Wednesday I was just putting the finishing touches to my watercolour when my art teacher said that it should have been in earlier in the week - :huh: oh well it just needs framing to be ready for next year. :wink:


Then I sat down and logged on their web site to see if I could call in on the exhibition tonight and found that it closes at 8pm! drat foiled again it was 7:40 - still there are 2 more days to get go 8) 8) .



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Oooh what a shame that you missed the deadline Geoff. Maybe you could take a photo of it and upload it on here so at least we can all admire your creation.


I know what you mean though as I only spotted the deadline for the two photo competitions when it was too late and I was going to tell my nephew to enter a couple of his which are amazing considering he's only had a camera since xmas. Ahh well next year for you both maybe? Gives me time to master my photo 'thirds' too so maybe I'll have a half decent one to enter by then :oops:


Had to laugh at your wife's comment though and I can fully understand her confusion as on Friday/Saturday nights in SH there are a lot of 'lady gaga' look a likes frequenting the village :lol::wink:

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I've just had a thought... WHY DONT WE/Warrington Worldwide have our own photo / arts competition on here?


Gary could advertise the comp on the news page....


If its a painting, a drawing or other arts piece take a photo of it, give it a title, medium description and same for photos then upload it.


Infact to make it fairer and so no voters/members know who has entered each one all entries could be email direct to me and I would load them all onto a special 'arts competition' topic....


Simple poll to vote and even non members entries could be included but they/their friends would have to register on the forum to vote (more members joining yippee) :wink:


So what prizes could we have ?


Sloooooooow down Dizzy.... maybe best to ask Gary first... or perhaps just go and wash the dishes and stop thinking out loud :oops::lol:

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You would say that Victor as you'd probably send me hundreds just to stress me out :lol:


Infact that has just reminded me you sent me another to upload didn't you? Was it your apples again...I can't remember :oops:

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First name terms now eh :lol: So which of the one's I've shown so far is which PC member then in your opinion... best not answer that I guess.


I shall take my camera out with me again tomorrow in search of more :wink: :lol

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