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Another new Finding - Over 65's and common over the counter drugs


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More scientific 'evidence' which shows that common over the counter drugs can apparently cause and increased risk of mental decline and even death in people over 65.


I wonder what effect they could have on people under 65 too :blink:


80 over the counter medicines were tested for "anticholinergic activity", which apparently is a potential side effect which affects the brain by blocking a key neurotransmitter called acetylcholine.


One of the medications on the list which scored a worrying '3 points' is Piriton... (my comment This is a common and routinely given children (and dogs by the way). So question if children have this every year is it safe or in years to come will they say it wasn't?)


The report states that one in five people taking drugs with a total score of four or more had died by the end of the two-year study, compared with only 7% of those taking no anticholinergic drugs.



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It's not only Piriton Peter... I just quoted that one as it's a medication that many people use.


Me well I take nothing at all now... why because I'm not allowed to anymore.


Not even a single paracetamol is allowed, no BP tablets anymore infact not a sausage (well sausages are ok but full of grotty meat).


So I'll either die young of high BP or something or live to a ripe old age with a clear and active mind and prove the latest findings wrong :lol: I'll opt for the latter please !


I sometimes wonder about both prescribed and over the counter medications though as I'm suprised how many can make people 'ill', unless I'm just unique of course YEAH COOL :)

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