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No place for the ugly


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Serves them right, who on earth would want to be a member of a website like this anyway :lol::lol:

''We have sincere regret for the unfortunate people who were wrongly admitted to the site and who believed, albeit for a short while, that they were beautiful. "


All 30,000 of them :shock::oops::lol:


"Safeguards are now in place to prevent any further infiltrators who do not come up to the expected standards, the site said" :shock:



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The ever popular girls magazine from the 60's -70's "The Bunty" is all set to make a comeback in opposition to other glamerous wench magazines, and is to feature a section called Readers Wives.


The new look mag is designed to set the newsagents top shelf on fire and will be re-named "The Munty" Cherie Blair will be this months centrefold.

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Wingy, there is no more minginist woman on the planet and as a result, if she appears in the first episode; things can't get any worse.....


Surely they should build up to the munter of all munters and save the best until last! :lol:

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Maybe you were in disguise. I can't change mine as it's an animated gif and I cant remember who kindly made it for me. It may have been Baz or Wolfie and it's hosted through their special place. :oops: Might have a search for the old topic in a sec.


Could be worse though and it looks stunning compared to Chewy Bluuurs face :wink:

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