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Louis Anderson


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I see he only lasted a half of the exiles game before exiting with a calf strain.


So yet again he will be unavailable for warrington.


I sincerely hope Louis is not taking the mickey just because he is off to pastures new next year. If he is I can see Tony excluding him from the big games later this year like he did with our old friend Rauhihi.

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If that's going to be his attitude for the brief period he remains at the club why not select him for the u20's every week ? We've plenty of cover in the pack and for me he has very rarely put in a top performance for the Wire. One thing that really got my goat last night and that was Phil Clarke's slagging off of Richie Myler. Clarke does this all the time if the player isn't a member of the Wigan playing staff. This chap seems to live in the Central Park of 1990. Myler has scored 8 tries in 5 games for England. What more has the lad got to do ? Clarke isn't alone in his criticism of Myler, even our own fans on another forum are at it, just a support player etc etc. Well, ok he's just a support player but who else was following up any breaks but Myler ? England had Robinson, Sinfield and O'Loughlin around the play the ball and the scrum so how many play makers are needed ? People need to be reminded especially Clarke that Sean Edwards was just a *support player* and it didn't do him any harm.

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Gary, the report that you published today at 2pm claiming that all wire players that played in the exiles game came through unscathed is wrong.


Louis Anderson is injured and will not play tomorrow.


Pre-cautionary may be - can only go on my information as I get it - will check it out.

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