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At Last........


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Pete Doherty gets jailed for drug offences. 6 months behind bars (should have been 6 years for the bag head) however, something was said which obviously shows our judges to be totally out of touch with the real world.....


"......Sentencing Doherty, Judge David Radford said: "From what I have heard and what I have read there is no doubt that you are a talented and successful musician......"



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We had J-Lo. Then Su-Bo. Wonder if Pete Doherty fancies abbreviating his name too, perhaps not wise where he's going. :wink:


ha ha ha ha.......... brilliant! :lol:


Don't encourage him. :roll::wink:


Your just grumpy because you didnt get it :wink::wink:


or because your old and its your job. :D:D

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