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Mr Smith's to re-open 2008

Geoff Settle

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Didn't know it was re-opening... must have missed that one !


I agree with Peter's comments 100 %


There's enough clubs, bars and trouble in Warrington already.


What ever happened to the councils plans to make the town centre a more family friendly place in the evenings? Mr Marks himself was on radio promoting that if I remember rightly :wink:


Surely a cinema/theatre would have drawn in the families rather than the drinkers and ravers another all night watering hole will attract :wink::roll: Clever ????

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Originally posted by observer:

At least it would provide (presumably) toilet facilities; thus saving these youngsters P-ing on every street corner on their way home?! :roll:

:o Don't the existing clubs/bars etc in Warrington have any toilet facilities then... surely thats against health and safety law :o


So from a night on the town, youngsters can pop into Mr Smiths, empty their bladders and go straight home ..... Mmmmm interesting :confused:

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Its a pity the Council didnt do something about the golden opportunity they had for this building, once again last night at the Parr Hall was sheer hell due to close seating which spoils an otherwise good show by WMVC and Wingates Band.

If this is going to be the main venue for events in Warrington then the seating capacity has to be reduced so that row spacing and seat spacing can be improved. ( Oh, I nearly forgot - the seats, you may as well be sitting on a plank of wood )

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