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Last Of The Spring Wine.


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Just thought I'd let yer know summat.


Last night, I was looking for me reading specs. I sent the bride upstairs 4 times to look for them. She came down and said that she couldn't find them anywhere. Are your sure you have checked your pockets properly? she asked.


I started to pat me self down as you do, and lo and behold, they were in me pants pocket all the time. I never put them in me pants pocket for obvious reasons, I'm not stupid you know. So I have no idea how they got there. She then gave me one of them looks what they are good at doing.


The poor bride was a bit mithered at the time, as she was minding our grand child, who had decided to throw one of them tantrums what they have , and screaming at the top of her tiny lungs, and hurling herself to the floor into one of them crocodile death rolls on the lino.


Just out of curiosity, I began to count how many pockets I had on meself at that time. With me fishing jacket, Bear Grills shirt, and cargo pants, I was sporting no less than 20 pockets, and I had something in each of them.


I got another one of them looks from the bride, as she said; You are far too dangerous a person and not safe enough to be wearing clothing like that with so many pockets in them.


Yerve got ter laugh at em ant yer? :D:D

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A crocodile death roll.:


That's what a croc does with it's prey to rip it up.


Have you seen the advert with the mother doing the shopping at Tesco's? The child has a screaming fit, and the mother falls to the floor to copy the child rolling about in a fit of temper, because she can't get her own way.


A bit like throwing the teddy out of the pram, or spitting the dummy out. :D:D


I've seen the odd person do it on this forum. :D:D:wink:

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