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Gas vs charcoal BBQs ??


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Are gas bbq's much better than the charcoal 'burn everything' ones...... and if so can anyone recommend one that is cheap.


Had a look on the usual local shop sites but there's far too many to chose from and hard to tell from a picture.......I can't be bothered to drive around all the shops looking.


I fancy having a bbq but we haven't got one so be quick with your replies please ... :lol::lol::lol:

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Ahh I never considered that the food might taste oven cooked on a gas one but I liked the thought of being able to turn the heat down etc ... thanks Fugs you may have just saved me some money there :D


As for disposable ones though.. they cremate things.. or is that me ?


Maybe I'll just go to McDonnalds instead :wink:

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Dizzy, I have a gas one which I find good. Has 3 seperate burners which I find very useful. 2 grills that I can use at different temperatures if needed plus a griddle which is ideal for sausages and alike which tend to be fatty and cause huge flames over a normal grill.

Dont forget its traditionally the blokes job to Barbie as long as there is a good supply of beer.


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Ooooh I thought you were saying gas was no good earlier Fugs, sorry.


Ian... when you say 3 seperate burners and 2 grills at different temperatures I start thinking big and a lot of ???'s. Probably a bit out of my price range but sounds really good. To be honest my two are out so much that we probably wouldn't use it enough to justify buying a more expensive one.


..... and YOU COOK ...... Yeah I'll be round in a bit where do you live :D


Good job I didn't rush out today and impulse buy as BBQ would have been off ...... tea is apparently 'later please, see ya' as usual in our daft household :roll::lol:

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Get of my backside... :shock::evil:


You cheeky little man !!!!!! :lol:


Peter unlike you I am not retired so I don't have hours to spend trawling all the shops you know and I prefer to source my goods by recomendation rather than shop advertising talk :P


OMG Victor... why didn't I think of that.... if he knew I had one he may pop round for burgers and sausages every day.... shall I delete my topic... Cholesterol :shock:


Victor... I do not own a BBQ please go 'elsewhere' ... there is cider and rum and raisin there too I believe :lol:

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Use quotes propery please Peter :roll::lol:


I only appear to have more time than you as I am younger and not forgetting that as a woman I can multi task so I probably get more done in one day than you get done in a month :lol::wink:

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I obviously meant 'Properly' but was just checking that you were taking notice so I purposly spelt it wrong :wink:


I had already spent some time doing my own research Peter inbetween everything else but I thought I'd ask the forum experts and time served outdoor cooks for advice :D


Anyway do you mind.. as you are now taking up my very valuable time of which I already have very little due to being overworked, underpaid and anything else that I may try and convince you, my other half and indeed myself that I am ! :lol::wink:


OK so I'll admit it I just don't like shopping and I've done bugger all today really and spent most of yesterday at the park and playing with my niece and nephew.


Hard life eh :lol::wink:

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Bugger :lol::lol:


Errm... I don't 'really' know you Victor.. after all you are just a person who posts on a forum under a pseudonym so you could be anybody.... and as I do too I could be the other anybody.


For safety reasons (for both of us of course) I will have to decline your kind offer of us meeting up tomorrow or having our tea together.


Would that one hold up in a 'BBQ court of law' :D


If you give me your bank account details, your name, address and NI number though I will credit your account with the cost of a double Big Mac and fries.

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Well I got of my backside today Peter and went round every shop I could think of that sold BBQ's. Mmm they seem a lot more expensive than they were a short while ago.


Anyway problem was that I saw an amazing one for ?399 but far to big for our space and use (thank goodness) ... so all the cheaper ones looked naff after that. I knew I shouldn't have physically looked at them :oops:


... I finished up buying 4 garden chairs, 5 cd's and an xbox game instead ... figure that one out :lol:


I guess we could always use our little gas Cadac and a diposable BBQ like Fugs originally suggested as I'm past caring now after all that pointless trawling of the shops... the moment has gone :cry::lol:

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