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How do I update my profile?

Eddie Newall

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If you look at the top of any forum page whilst you are logged in, just below the Warrington Worldwide banner you will see a list, FAQ,SEARCH,MEMBERLIST, USERGROUPS,PROFILE.


if you click on profile it should take you to your profile and let you edit it.

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Bill.... that was the old forum and no nothing has vanished.


Look higher up the screen now. :wink:


Just under the big red warrington-worldwide heading you will see buttons to take you between the FORUM, MEMBERS, CALENDAR.


To the right of this you will also see a SEARCH box with a drop down choices box to the right of it where ypu can search in various locations

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Yes but none of that helps Diz. To access your profile, you now need to click into your image or name, which is obvious once you realise but up until then your left wandering around looking for the word profile and being mislead by the info here.


The crazy thing is that I’m sure I’ve been through all this the last time I looked.


Bill :)

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I think you are struggling as you are reading a post which was put on when the old forum was active and as such the reply from Evil Sid was correct at the time.


However, we are now on the new forum and that no longer applies but as nobody has asked the same question on the new forum it would appear that everyone knows how to do it :D


Would you like me to edit the Evil Sids old post so as to not cause anymore confusion (to you) :P:lol:

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