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One Click from Danger - Panorama TV programme

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Didn't see it but after reading the link you posted I wish I had ! Thanks


Since having broadband my kiddies been on Microsoft Messenger Live every day talking to school friends (I am told :o )


Question is how would I, or he, know if the person he is talking to is really one of his friends.... quite often he has to ask the question 'WHO ARE YOU?'....


Very worrying indeed :o

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Pne f the Policeen said that if you don't physically know the person DON'T let them on your site as a friend - if in doubt keep them out.


Plus don't put ANY personal details on such as email address, phone number, address, school etc, if they are your friends then they will know these already if not then why do they need to know?

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Originally posted by Student Geoff:

If he types POS when you spying on him you've been sussed -

Parent Over Shoulder :wink:

The little bugger !!! Wondered what that meant and presumed it was short for 'positive' which never seemed to fit into the rest of the chat I spied on :roll:


How do we learn this new language that kids seem to use in texts and instant messaging(sorry I meant txts)


Been trying to work it all out tonight and Wikpedia suggests the following


be becomes b

see becomes c

are becomes r

you becomes u

why becomes y

and becomes n

Single digits can replace words. Examples:


ate becomes 8

for becomes 4

to or too becomes 2

A single letter or digit can replace a syllable. Examples:


ate becomes 8, so:

activate becomes activ8

great becomes GR8

mate becomes m8

later becomes l8r/l8a

plates becomes pl8s

skater becomes sk8r/sk8a

for or Fore becomes 4, so:

before becomes (combining both of the above) b4

therefore becomes der4

There are miscellaneous adaptations of characters. Examples:


However, these are fairly uncommon for the pure reason that they take even longer to type than the originals for the average typist.


ss becomes $

oo becomes %

'-orr-' becomes '-oz'

For example, Sorry becomes Soz, and Tomorrow becomes Tomoz (further abbreviated to 2moz and later to 2mz).

Combinations of the above can shorten a single or multiple words. Example:


your and you're both become ur

Characters and punctuation are removed to shorten messages:


Vowels are removed such that the sequence of consonants remain and the word is still recognisable.

For example, between becomes btwn and "yearbook" becomes "yrbk".

Whole words may be omitted, especially articles.

Punctuation may be removed; only question mark and exclamation marks are generally used. The space and capital letter is often omitted after a period.

"/" signifies abbreviation, such as "w/" for "with" and "s/t" for "something".


Other transcriptions of slang or dialect terms can be used if shorter than the original words, as in cos (with fewer letters than because.)


Other text or txt


"Sorry" is "Sry" or " soz"


"Text" is "txt"


"Talk to you later" is "ttyl"


"Laugh out loud" is "lol"


"Please" is "plz"


"Forever" is "4eva"


"I don't know" is "idk"


"Homework" is "hw"


"rolling on the floor laughing" is "Rofl"


"Roflmao"" is "Rolling on floor, laughing my ass off"


"Got to go" is "g2g" or "gtg"


"text back" is "txt bck"


"be right back" is "brb"


"i love you" is "ily"


"hold on" is "hld on"


"whatever" is "w/e"


"comment me back" is "cmb" (used for myspace, facebook, myyearbook, etc.)


"of course" is "ov cors"


" Oh my god" is "omg"


All seems pretty straight forward eh until your kid starts talking on line with it at 200 word per minute :roll:


[ 10.01.2008, 23:04: Message edited by: Dismayed ]

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My kid has a PC in his room, he's on facebook, he's on MSN, and lots of other networking sites....am I worried...not in the slightest !


every now and again I ask remind him of the weirdos and their methods,remind hime to only speak to people he actualy knows first in real life and ask them personaly for their contact methods.


Im confident he is safe and secure, because he's quite a responsible child and I know he would come to me if he was suspicious, and I know where he is at all times.


The thing about facebooks etc, is that you can join, and add your self to their freinds list, at any time you can click on their profiles and see who they have in their "network", if you don't recognise them you can alsways speak to your child.


Of course I know all the people in my sons list, It should only be a worry to parents who don't bother getting to know their children and their freinds.

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Originally posted by Eagle:

If your kids have to post POS then remove their internet access.

Do you have kiddies and do they use the internet and messaging and do they let you sit there and join in their conversations... :wink::P


I do see the point you are making but I do think taking their internet access off them may be a bit harsh in most cases :o


[ 11.01.2008, 18:51: Message edited by: Dismayed ]

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Legion Some good advice there :D


Does microsoft live messenger work in the same way... and how would I join my sons 'network' to have a sneaky look or would he have to accept me as a 'friend'.


He's a very sensible chap too but it would put my mind at rest.


Most of the girls he chats to have their pictures on the screen and I recognise them all...(not that I agree with their photos being splashed all over the internet in chat rooms at their age) it's the ones that dont have pics concern me and the fact that none of them use their real names (which of course is sensible)


One question though.... you say

Originally posted by legion:

.... It should only be a worry to parents who don't bother getting to know their children and their friends.

Don't most parents get to know their own children? :P
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If that was true, why are there so many "Youth" related problems on the streets?


Et al,

In the "real" world, as long as parents teach good practices, and warn them of potential problems and have a good open and honest relationship, they will learn for themselves.

Just be there when they need you.

I think also that the question has to be asked, WHY do they become victims? There must be a need that isn't being nurtured.

Rather similar to WHY do kids run away from home?

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unfortunately messenger does not offer the same facilities as facebook so you cant see your childs "freinds network"



you can add an application that logs the full conversations between your side and the chat partners on your computer




however, IMO this is an intrusion on your childs privacy unless you make them aware that you are installing it and it is a condition of their usage of such services, but I fear this may just drive them underground and be self defeating, you have to have good reason for using this IMO.


which has just give me an idea for an application I must look at writing, it may be fair to monitor a messenger contact list only, and have an alert flag any new contacts which you can then flag as identified or stranger which could be used from another or the same pc by parents worried, without the intrusion of monitoring the actual conversation.


if I develop it I'll let you know... there may be already one around but Im not aware of it.


the best way, should always be a freindly chat with your kid when they're on the service you worry about, walk up and say "so tell me who all these people are", you could always start of pretending your intrested in using the service yourself, ask them to show you how it works, then follow up with, how do you know all these people, who's that then ? and lead up to how do you know they are who they say they are, joke about it possibly being a pedo, if your not satisfied with the answer, plant the seed and then tell them to be careful and let you know if they find anything out, this makes kids think you are working together and they will come to you with their findings.

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Hi Dis,


its not just his rights though, its the person who he/she is talking to as these programs, log the entire conversation.


I think despite our having their intrests at heart, when we start down this path the lack of trust and infringment destroys a part of your relationship that will take a long time if ever to fix.


Im sure my children (the eldest at least) have their secrets from me, and it may be something I would not approve of, despite this do I want to change my view of who I think they are by knowing his secrets....nope!

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