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What is it that Tescos doesn't sell?

Geoffrey Settle

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:lol::lol: Have you ever asked the local one Gary :wink:


As for them selling cars.... their website says they are all ex fleet cars etc but are delivered straight to your door :?


They will give you a loan too :wink:


Rather expensive though I thought but then I was only looking for a cheap one for my son... they don't do cheap ones :cry:

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They don't sell the dog food my dog has either.. or guitar accessories.. or garden plants... and the assistant said they definately don't sell seaweed (the sort you have with chinese food) BUT THEY DO as I found it on a shelf not far from the bread isle :wink:


PS Obs... I got that one by the way so that part of my brain must still be working :wink:


As for them selling cars... you can get upto 2000 club card points if you buy one via their new car site... whoopee... how much is that worth ?

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I have noticed a lot less stock of Old Jamaica ever since I told Victor they were selling it!!


What is your opinion of the new version Victor? I found it wasn't as "juicy" as I remember as the raisins seem to be a lot smaller than I remember them as a kid :(

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Not exactly Peter as she struggles to press the strings due to her claws but she did make us laugh the other night when my son was playing his acoustic through a small amp after we came across my my special pickup.


She was wagging her tail which was hitting the body of his acoustic guitar and it sounded like a drum beat through the amp. Rather good actualy and you certainly don't get the same effect with electric guitars.


Well you did ask ..... :D

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