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Apology needed from Mr Smith


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I called it earlier in the week, without Westwood, Harrison and Anderson in the pack we are weak.


So we play against Catalans, one of the biggest and toughest teams in SL and what does Smith do?


With Harrison and Westwood we would have won that game easily and I also think that Carvell would not have commited that awful foul which he will miss at least 2 weeks for. Resting the two Bens at a cost of losing the game and Carvell for a few weeks totally defeats the object.


Smith needs to hold his hands up and admit he got that team selection wrong. He was at the hands of that defeat not the team.


Hope he learns his lesson, although he certainly didn't learn anything from the away defeat to catalans last year!!


Other lessons learnt, Matty Blythe is not big or good enough at second row and Grix is definitely made of paper mache and Clarke needs to be released at the end of the year.


Not a happy camper tonight :evil:

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Fully agree with all that, we said the same resting Westwood and Harrison was madness. Although I thought some players were lacking in effort and we looked very flat in our attack. Mr Smith must take some of the blame for that defeat too many changes and too many defensive players rested. :twisted:

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The season is a marathon - not a sprint - and anyone can beat anyone on their day.

No team can give 110 per cent week in week out.

I can guarantee every team in this league will lose at least six games this season.

As long as Warrington finish at the top, retain the Challenge Cup and win the Grand Final - that is all that matters! :wink:

P.S Ben Harrison is injured any way - are you suggesting we play players who are not fit :?

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No reason to apologise. Mr Smith made a bad judgement call, perhaps the first he's made since he was appointed. It was the worst kept secret that Westwood and Harrison would be rested and now we are expected to believe Harrison is injured ? I also believe there are fairies at the bottom of the garden too. The players had 8 days to recover from the effort of the Wigan game. If that isn't long enough perhaps they should make a career in some other sport. No other RL club employs a squad rotation system similar to Man Utd, neither should the Wire. Strongest team should be selected every week not weigh up the perceived quality of the opposition and select accordingly. Just isn't going to work.

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I agree with safers.


That team selection was quite frankly awful and it got what it derserved.


Mr Smith is not the messiah and he shouldn't be leaving players like Westwood out especially if Harrison and Anderson are out injured. Westwood could have had a rest over Easter when Anderson will hopefully be back.


As Safers says Westwood had 8 days rest after the Wigan game. Does he need anymore?


And Smith has made this mistake twice now against the same opposition. Lets hope this mistake isn't as costly as last years!!

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I would just like to add that Mr Smith is the best thing to happen to Warrington Wolves and I am in no way saying he dosen't have a clue as per Peter T.


What I am saying is we all make mistakes and Mr Smith mad a mistake on Sunday by leaving out too many defensive players.



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