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Warrington Old Photos.8.


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Many of these photograph?s may be available

from the Warrington Museum/Library and will

be of far superior quality to those viewed here.



Thatched cottages in Lovely Lane. Date unknown. (title edited)



A very rural view of Lovely Lane. Date unknown. (title edited)



1930s'. Horsemarket Street looking towards Central Station.



1930. Loushers Lane showing open fields where new Council houses were to be built, St. Thomas's Church and Greenall's Brewery can be seen in the distance.



1930. LNWR side tank loco shunting in Robinson's Mersey Glassworks sidings.



1930. Bridge Street looking towards Market Gate, observe the car towing a caravan.



1930. WinwickStreet, the end wall of the building on the left displays an advertisement for ' Rudge & Raleigh The All Steel Bicycle', that would have been a quality bicycle in its day.



1930.The old Lord Rodney at the corner of Pinner's brow.



1928. The new Bridge over the River Mersey.



1928. Policeman on Point duty at Market gate.




1927. Shops in Sankey Street between Golbourne Street and Legh Street.



1927.31st. Jan. The Boars Head on Pig Hill or to give it it's correct name TownHill, called Pig Hill because there used to be a pig market held there.



1926. Market Gate, showing traffic congestion in a narrow Sankey Street.



1925. Sankey street looking to Market Gate, Eustance's clock on the right.



1924. A rainy day in Warrington's town centre.




1920s'. Wilderspool Crossing gates.



Early 1920's. The Empire picture house in Butter Market Street.





1920. The Victoria Bridge.



1920. Sankey Street with a clearer view of Eustance's clock.



1920. Circus parade passing the Royal Oak, Bridge Street.



1920. Boot's corner, Bridge Street.



1920. Walking Day, Latchford Christ Church Band passing the Plague House in Wash Lane.



1920. Crosfield's Fire Brigade, still using a horse drawn engine.



Little Sankey Hall in 1917.

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How long ago was that Peter ?


Algy... in the photo titled 1930. 'Loushers Lane showing open fields...........' you say that St. Thomas's School and Greenall's brewery can be seen in the distance.


Where is the school ? I can see the church tower and Greenalls but can't make out where the school is :oops:

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How long ago was that Peter ?


Early 70's I think. The craze had only just hit the country.

Also on the opposite on Knutsford Rd where the school playground is, there used to be a row of almost erelict houses that Jack Allen used for his Washing Machine business, before bgetting the new place built next the the Oak Branch.(Now Rocco's.)

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The New Bridge picture- The building on the left. They used to sell skateboards there before it was demolished.

Great pictures once again.

The mock half timbered building was *Corlett's who sold building materials, when they sold it that was probably when it became the skate board shop.

* not sure if the spelling is correct? Harry may help me out here. :wink:

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Dizz, I suppose if you use binoculars you will probably see the school, Heehee! :wink:


I shall stop zooming in and looking now Algy.... kept me quiet for a while though as I was too embarrassed to ask at first as I thought I was being silly and overlooking the blindingly obvious :lol::lol::wink:

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Roughly where would the two photos have been taken on Lovely Lane Algy, Do you know?


Great pics again though, and nice to see a copper actually working and directing traffic instead of sitting in the traffic jams like eveyone else these days!

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Baz, Dear me. The public, unkindly, used to come out with "where there's a hold up in traffic you'll find a bobby on the end of it",


Nice to see a bobby on so many of the photos. They used to be a big part of Warrington town Centre life. After the fifties, there was always one at Market gate by the police pillar.


Happy days

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Harry, my remark was somewhat togue in cheek...... however I did once see a copper get out of his car and try to diect traffic across Warrington Bridge when all the lights had failed......


He mad such a hash of it all, eventually he gave up and got in his car and drove off!..............leaving me and many more still stuck!

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Roughly where would the two photos have been taken on Lovely Lane Algy, Do you know?


Sorry Baz! after looking at maps from 1849 - 1928 I can't confirm that they were taken in the 1930s', there was a farm with cottages called 'Clap Gates Farm on Lovely Lane further on than the 'Union Workhouse' (General Hospital) and between the two railway lines, also Bewsey cottage but that was in Folly Lane, the titles that were on the photos said 1930's however on reflection I would say 1885 - 1910, although Warrington had gas lamps before 1850, however I shall leave them without dates. Thank's for pointing that out Baz, I would hate to mislead anyone, my problem is when adding titles to so many photos when uploading I tend to go into auto-mode.

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Clap Gates farm could well have been just on the left as you go under the railway bridge after passing the hospital. There is a road call ClapGates Crescent which runs down to the Bewsey Old High school so I'm guessing there would have been a lot of open space around there

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