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Airey Fairy Poem

harry hayes

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A memory from a child-hood place,

Which I remember oh so well;

Between this world and make believe,

The Tooth Fairy, Tinker Bell.


Some things are real to children,

But hidden from the old;

Unless their hearts are filled with love,

Or so my parents told.


Few folks have seen the fairy,

Although my mother knew her well;

"Tinker Bell loves tiny children,

Who sleep within her spell".


A little one slumbers and dreams exist,

In a world outside of man;

In the sky and on the ground,

Enchantment soon began.


A gentle shake of fairy dust,

And a whispered "God bless you";

She gently lifts your pillow,

To place a coin so new.


Tinker Bell charmed us many times,

Each tooth to a place afar;

Sparkled there in Fairyland,

Each one became a star.


I have never seen the fairy,

Surely mother never lied;

Tinker Bell no longer visits us,

Not since my parents died.


But for adults blessed with "sleepy heads"

And belief in things unseen;

Live the dream before it's gone -

Or regret what might have been.



Harry Hayes 2/11

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Thank you kindly Mary.

Wingnut -I posted a very similar remark on another forum and someone told me that i could if I tried. I came up with "The Tramp" which is possibly somewhere back of this thread. Previous to that the only thing I had ever written was the first two lines of a schoolboy limerick about a girl from twickers.


Who knows?


Happy days

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Can there really be a locality named Twickers? Oh, well, there should be in any case. We need more limericks. I enjoyed the fairy poem but recent films have dulled my appreciation of the creatures. Julia Roberts in HOOK and a couple of British films showing little feminine fireflies --- they aren't supposed to be visual except in our imaginations and in poetry such as you've presented.

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You are a kill-joy. You will be telling me there is no Father Christmas next.


By the way, Twickers (Twickenham is where England play rugby matches, although at that time I was searching for something which rhymed with.. er.. "underpants".



best wishes Happy days

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